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Miami Dade Re-Opens, Kane Dental of Aventura is Opening Its Offices Again on Thursday, May 21

Kane Dental cares about the safety of its patients and its staff. According to the lifting of regulations in Miami-Dade due to the pandemic, Kane Dental is opening its offices May 21. Please call in advance to Kane Dental for a pre-screening and to set up appointment. AVENTURA, Fla., May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — During the pandemic, Kane Dental has […]

5 Ways to Prevent a Visit to an Emergency Dentist in Aventura

There’s never a convenient time to need to see an emergency dentist in Aventura.  Even though they are inconvenient and often frustrating, most dental emergencies are preventable.  Being diligent about oral health and mouth protection can often prevent dental emergencies.  This article covers 5 ways to avoid needing an emergency dentist in Aventura.   Prevention […]

Getting Dental Implants at a Cosmetic Dentist in Aventura

Tooth loss is a common reason people visit a cosmetic dentist in Aventura. The reasons for tooth loss vary from dental disease, severe tooth decay, or an unexpected trauma but the treatment is the same. Advancements in how cosmetic dentists in Aventura handle tooth loss have helped increase the options patients have when a tooth […]

How do Emergency Dentists Repair Cracked Teeth?

Not every cracked tooth warrants a trip to the emergency dentist. If signs and symptoms are addressed early on, a trip to the weekend dentist can be avoided. However, many cracked teeth don’t produce any of the symptoms on the list below. For this reason, it’s common that an emergency dentist to repair cracked teeth […]

Kane Dental Extends Hours to Provide Aventura with an Emergency Dentist

Kane Dental Extends Hours to Provide Aventura with an Emergency Dentist Locally owned family dentistry practice, Kane Dental, has provided the Aventura community with quality and comprehensive dental care for over 55 years. Recently joining their practice, Dr. Gruenberg is now available to provide services as an emergency dentist.   Kane Dental aims to provide […]