5 Ways to Prevent a Visit to an Emergency Dentist in Aventura

There’s never a convenient time to need to see an emergency dentist in Aventura.  Even though they are inconvenient and often frustrating, most dental emergencies are preventable.  Being diligent about oral health and mouth protection can often prevent dental emergencies.  This article covers 5 ways to avoid needing an emergency dentist in Aventura.


Prevention starts with seeing a dentist in Aventura

Seeing a dentist in Aventura is one of the best ways to prevent a dental emergency from occurring.  Intense and sometimes debilitating pain often occurs after an issue in the mouth has gone untreated.  This means that preventing a dental emergency starts with scheduling an appointment with a dentist in Aventura.

Seeing a dentist ensures that underlying issues don’t turn into dental emergencies.  An evaluation by a dentist and a proper cleaning is recommended at least twice per year for healthy adults.  Many adults should see a dentist more frequently because their lifestyle puts them at higher risk for problems with their mouth.  In addition to preventing underlying issues from turning into emergencies, seeing a dentist can also help someone understand the importance of good oral health.


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5 ways to prevent a visit to an emergency dentist in Aventura

Preventing a dental emergency is about using a teeth first approach to life.  This means considering the protection of the teeth in choices about things like food and sports. Good oral health is the cornerstone of prevention and a big part of the five ways to prevent a dental emergency listed below.


1 – Regular visits with a dentist in Aventura

Dental emergencies often bring on sudden pain.  Even though the pain is sudden, the condition of the tooth is not.  Typically dental emergencies happen over a long period of time and the pain is what causes a patient to see a dentist.  Seeing a dentist before there is pain is a good preventative measure. Visiting a professional means they will be looking for signs of gum disease, jaw alignment problems, cracked teeth that may be at risk of breaking and crowns or fillings that may be starting to loosen.

Getting a checkup at a dentist in Aventura regularly can also help prevent a dental emergency.  Having an exam once or twice per year can ensure the early signs of tooth and root decay are caught.  If these go untreated they can result in severe pain and a dental emergency.


2 – Good oral hygiene

Aside from accidents, it’s uncommon for someone with good oral hygiene to have a dental emergency.  Often they brush and floss enough to keep bacteria from growing. Brushing at least twice per day and flossing daily helps to keep plaque build-up from occurring. Another big part of good oral hygiene is seeing a dentist regularly, which the importance of has already been discussed. Dental emergencies can only be avoided if good dental hygiene is routinely practiced.


3 – A teeth first diet

Lots of people talk about what foods are good for the mind and body but few talk about which foods are good for the teeth.  Many sugary and processed foods are also acidic.  Eating and drinking acidic foods or drinks can eat away at the enamel on teeth.  That protective coating is important to block the spread of bacteria.  Eating foods that are harsh and damaging to the teeth like soda, sugary snacks and processed foods and alcohol do not help in prevention of dental emergencies.  The best what to prevent dental emergencies with diet is to stick to whole foods without too many added ingredients.


4 – Protect your teeth

Mouthguards are important and that often gets overlooked after childhood and sports season.  However, those aren’t the only times that a set of teeth are at risk for accidental damage.  To prevent dental emergencies – it’s a good idea to wear a mouthguard for any physical activity. Wearing a mouthguard prevents accidents from happening when doing simple things around the house and out with friends.

It’s always good to wear a mouthguard when anything could be flying through the air around you.  Working on a job site, tossing the ball in the backyard, chopping wood and rock climbing are all activities that require the use of a mouthguard to prevent dental emergencies.  A good rule of thumb for using a mouthguard is – when it doubt, wear one.


5 – Use your teeth for chewing

One of the easiest ways to prevent dental emergencies is to not use teeth for something they are not meant to be used for.  Using teeth to gnaw thru plastic or open bottle caps puts them at high risk for damage. To avoid needing to visit an emergency dentist in Aventura, it’s recommended to use teeth for chewing food only.



Dentists in Aventura with Emergency Hours

Dentists in Aventura at Kane Dental offer emergency hours to the Miami Community.  Their team has provided over 5 decades of dedicated service to the Aventura area.  Their office has weekend hours for dental emergencies in addition to the services they offer during the week.  Kane Dental provides an all-in-one dental solution for Florida residents.

Located in the Loehmann’s Fashion Island Center, they offer preventative general dentistry services as well as more specialized dental options.   Striving to maintain a relaxed and friendly environment, they aide their patients with multiple services such as bridges, crowns, dental implants, Invisalign and veneers.  To ensure their patients love their smileKane Dental also offers services like bonding and Zoom whitening.

These Aventura dentists aim to make maintaining oral health simple and convenient for Florida residents.  Together they create a patient-centered plan to restore and maintain the smile of their patients.  Their plan and education promotes oral health and prevention of dental emergencies.  To schedule a consult and prevent dental emergencies, Florida residents should call 305-466-1444.



5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist in Aventura, Florida

Dentist in Aventura

Finding the right dentist with so many to choose from in the Miami area is a daunting task.  Many dentists in Aventura and other Miami communities specialize in different services and types of dentistry.  It can be difficult to decide which dentist is best for a family or even a specific service.  While what kind of dentist they are and how they treat their patients are important factors to consider, there are other factors that matter just as much.  In this article, the top 5 factors to consider when choosing a dentist in Aventura will be discussed.

When choosing a dentist in Aventura, it’s important for the mouth needs of the whole family to be considered. Additionally, many other potential factors like the need for braces and emergency dental services should also be thought-through.  Dentists that check all of the boxes can save a family time, money and heartache.  It’s recommended to choose a dentist in Aventura that can service an entire family for years to come.


Dentists in Aventura and their patients

Since dental health is part of the over-all well being of a patient, good dentists in Aventura and other places around Miami typically offer a variety of services to help their patrons.  Choosing a dentist that cares about dental health and the long term goals for a person’s mouth is usually advised.  Dentists who are in it for the long haul with a patient often have more invested in their oral health.  As an added bonus, patients who have the same dentist throughout their lives feel more comfortable getting checkups and asking questions.

Patients should choose a dentist in Aventura that meets their needs and the needs of their family.  A dentist that is dedicated to providing superior care will have staff that respects and values their patients.  Typically, they also provide comprehensive dental plans that help their patients take control of their teeth, mouth and gums.  Choosing a dentist in Aventura is more than just choosing the one with the best marketing and reviews.  Instead, it’s best to consider the 5 things below about a dentist before choosing one.


1 – How do the dentists in Aventura treat their patients?

Families should choose a dentist in Aventura that has a patient focused practice.  This means that their service is focused on the overall health and well-being of a person’s mouth as well as the rest of their body.  Patients should also feel respected and heard by their dentist.  Dentists in Aventura that prioritize working with their patients should be at the top of the list when finding a dental provider.


2 – Which dentist in Aventura is at a convenient location?

Location, Location, Location – it’s even important when looking for a dentist.  Choosing a dentist in Aventura should be about convenience, but not at the expense of quality care.  Ideally, a dentist office would be close to somewhere that a family frequents.  This means a dentist close to home, school, or work may be most convenient.  While convenience is important, quality of care is more important.  Choosing a dentist based on excellent care is more important than choosing one based on proximity to home.  On the other hand, driving to the top rated dentist is also not always the best option – especially in Miami traffic.  This means that when choosing a dentist in Aventura, pros and cons of the location should be carefully weighed.


3 – Which dentists in Aventura offer services for a family?

Not all dentists in Aventura provide a wide variety of services.  Some of them only provide specialty services or services for a specific age group.  To avoid going to several dentists, it may be best to look for a dentist that can provide services for the whole family, no matter what they need.  Checking to see what services a dentist provides before choosing one is the best option.

It is also wise to consider if the dentist chosen can also provide services like bridges, crowns and veneers.  For families, choosing a dentist that can provide root canals and braces or Invisalign could help save cracked and crooked teeth without having to find another provider.  Looking for a one-stop-shop dentist office that can service dental emergencies, family dentistry and specialty dental needs is ideal for Florida families.


4 – Which dentists in Aventura accept most insurances?

Knowing whether or not a dentist in Aventura accepts a specific insurance is vital to anyone’s search.  Some dental offices don’t accept most insurances and it’s best to know which ones are accepted before scheduling an appointment.  Dental insurance policies are all different and sometimes even if a dentist accepts one plan from a carrier, they may not accept the others.  It’s recommended to call the dental office and ask them directly about a specific plan before choosing which dentist is right to serve a family.

Even dentists that don’t accept all insurances (or even just a specific one) can still be affordable based on options and plans they have.  It’s best to discuss this on the phone with each office to get clarification before narrowing down the selection.


5 – Does a trusted person recommend a dentist in Aventura?

Let’s face it – it’s hard to let someone examine the inside of your mouth.  Many patients say they feel better going to a dentist (or doctor) that someone they trust recommends to them.  Don’t be afraid to ask around and see if someone loves their dentist.  Asking friends, neighbors and coworkers about their experiences with their dentist in Aventura can give some hidden insight into which dentists to check out and which ones to avoid.

Trusted people can also be community members that routinely help out.  Often pharmacists, pastors and leaders of local organizations are also trusted people.  They can be helpful in pointing someone looking for a dentist in the right direction.



Kane Dental, a full service dentist in Aventura is accepting new patients

Kane Dental is a full service dentist in Aventura.  Serving the Miami community for over 50 years, their team is dedicated to providing superior quality and patient centered care. As a one-stop-shop, Kane Dental offers a variety of services for families in need of dental procedures.  They offer general dentistry as well as other specialty services like veneers, whitening, Invisalign and dental implants.  To further service their patients, Kane Dental also offers emergency dental services with weekend hours.  Located conveniently in Loehmann’s Fashion Island Center, these dentists in Aventura are dedicated to the oral health of their patients.  Request an appointment with the caring dentists at Kane Dental online or by calling  305-466-1444.