Emergency Dentist in Aventura Opens on Saturdays for Patient Convenience

Dr. Alex Gruenberg of Kane Dental is an emergency dentist in Aventura that uses the most advanced treatment options to repair damaged teeth and gums. Aventura area residents stand to benefit from the flexible schedule of the emergency dentist in their neighborhood.


Aventura Emergency Dentists are Available Outside of Normal Business Hours

Dr. Alex Gruenberg knows that emergency tooth repairs don’t always happen during business hours. His practice is patient centered and part of that extends to his availability. He believes that patients who need an emergency dentist should be able to be seen when their emergency occurs. Some emergencies can worsen over a few days while waiting for a dental office open. In Aventura, Kane Dental provides the same services an emergency dentist would offer so patients don’t have to wait.

Cracked or damaged teeth have unpleasant symptoms that may impact a person’s ability to eat and sometimes sleep. Repairing damaged teeth can help ensure that more long term impacts are avoided. For those experiencing symptoms from a cracked or damaged tooth, a trip to an emergency dentist may be worth it. Veneers and other commons repairs for cracked teeth are available outside business hours at Kane Dental, Aventura’s emergency dentist.


Emergency Dentists in Aventura can repair cracked teeth immediately.

A good emergency dentist can protect a tooth from further damage immediately. While not all repairs can be completed in one appointment with an emergency dentist, typically the immediate need or source of pain can be somewhat alleviated. Dr. Gruenberg believes that after one visit the patient should feel better about their smile. This is just one of the reasons that he’s made himself available as an emergency dentist in Aventura.

At Kane Dental, the staff are proud of the way they treat their patients. Dr. Gruenberg and his team focus on treating more than just the mouth of their patient. He believes that the key to being a good dentist is listening to his patients and treating them like people. According to the experience he has, Dr. Gruenberg understands that good dentistry is about treating more than just the teeth in his patient’s mouth.


Dr. Gruenberg uses state of the art technology in his comprehensive dental practice.

More than an emergency dentist in Aventura, Dr. Gruenberg also helps patients achieve the smile they want with a more preventative approach. Using advanced technology to develop his practice, he proudly offers laser treatments, invisible alignment options and top quality porcelain veneers. Dr. Gruenberg is dedicated to providing high quality dentistry options of all types for Aventura residents.

His work in the community led him to the awareness that there wasn’t a quality emergency dentist in Aventura. Sensing a need for the community he promised to serve, Gruenberg chose to open up the options for repairing damaged teeth on an emergency basis and outside normal business hours. To learn more about seeing the emergency dentist at Kane Dental and Dr. Gruenberg, visit them online or call their Aventura office at 305-466-1444.


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