Getting Dental Implants at a Cosmetic Dentist in Aventura

Tooth loss is a common reason people visit a cosmetic dentist in Aventura. The reasons for tooth loss vary from dental disease, severe tooth decay, or an unexpected trauma but the treatment is the same. Advancements in how cosmetic dentists in Aventura handle tooth loss have helped increase the options patients have when a tooth is missing. Progress in the world of cosmetic dentistry means that more advanced alternatives than previous treatments, like bridges and dentures, now exist.

Regarded as one of the most effective treatments when a tooth is lost, dental implants are one of the procedures highly recommended by cosmetic dentists in Aventura. Dental implants are not always used just because a patient doesn’t like looking at their mouth without a missing tooth. They also serve to permanently replace damaged tooth roots. This type of treatment is proving to be a better answer for missing and cracked teeth according to well trained cosmetic dentists in Aventura.

Getting dental implants in Aventura may be intimidating for some patients. Usually patients who need dental implants are experiencing pain and may have been ignoring those symptoms for some time. Other times an accident has resulted in a lost tooth and a cosmetic dentist in Aventura will deliver devastating news about the treatment needed to replace it. Either way, getting a dental implant in Aventura could be overwhelming without knowing what to expect. The rest of this article covers the details about dental implants and what to expect when going to a cosmetic dentist in Aventura to get them put in.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants sound more complicated than they are. In short, dental implants are replacement teeth. Before dental implants in Aventura were offered to patients, there were 2 types of replacement teeth. In those days, cosmetic dentists in Aventura fitted patients with dentures or bridges. They were often uncomfortable and ill fitting. Dental implants offer a more safe and secure option.

Dental implants replace both the root of the tooth and the tooth itself. While the tooth root is replaced with titanium, the tooth itself is designed to look like and blend in with the teeth already inside the patients mouth. Getting dental implants in Aventura could be a lengthy process, as the surgery is often not performed all at once. Patients can expect several appointments dedicated to preparation for the surgery itself. The procedure is usually performed in multiple stages by a cosmetic dentist in Aventura, like those at Kane Dental.


Benefits of getting dental implants at a cosmetic dentist in Aventura

Several benefits of getting dental implants at a cosmetic dentist in Aventura exist. Many of them include increased opportunity for the patient experiencing the dental problem. It’s important to note that each patient is different and may have differing benefits from getting dental implants put in by a cosmetic dentist in Aventura.


Improved Oral Health

Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Aventura for dental implants will improve the oral health of a patient. Other procedures, like bridges, can damage the integrity of other teeth. Decreased inflammation, pain and sensitivity can also make it easier to keep up with oral hygiene that may have been avoided.


Improved Self Esteem

Having a gaping hole in their mouth can tank anyone’s self-esteem. Dental implants, unlike dentures are permanent and therefore act like real teeth. More importantly, they also look like real teeth and don’t have to be removed or risk slipping out. Patients have reported an improved self-esteem after a cosmetic dentist in Aventura put in dental implants.


Easier to eat

When a tooth is decaying or missing, eating food can be difficult. Not just the chewing part, but temperature and texture of food can also be difficult when a dental implant is needed. After a cosmetic dentist in Aventura completes a dental implant procedure, eating does become easier.


Less discomfort and pain

Dental problems hurt. They bring with them lots of pain and discomfort. Often that pain doesn’t diminish with treatments like dentures and bridges. When dental implants are recommended by a cosmetic dentist in Aventura, less pain is on the horizon.



Cosmetic dentists in Aventura recommend dental implants because of their durability. The way the implant replaces the tooth root and the tooth, means that the implant becomes a permanent part of the patient’s mouth. This results in a durable tooth without sacrificing other parts of the teeth and gums.



What to expect when a dentist in Aventura is scheduled to put in dental implants

It can be expected that a cosmetic dentist in Aventura will break up the dental implant procedure into multiple stages. How many stages will be needed to complete the process is dependent on several different factors. The medical history of the patient, the number of teeth involved and the amount of preparation work that is needed are just a few of the most obvious factors.

Prior to the procedure the cosmetic dentist in Aventura may prescribe antibiotics and special mouthwash. On the day of the procedure they will use an anesthetic to put the patient to sleep. Sometimes bone grafting is needed to get the jaw bone sturdy enough for the surgery. If that is the case, the cosmetic dentist in Aventura may need to schedule more than a few appointments to check the progress.

During the procedure, the gums are cut open and holes are drilled into the jaw. Screw posts are then placed deeply into the bone. After the procedure, the replacement tooth will be fixated onto the post. This typically takes place after some healing as occurred.


Finding a cosmetic dentist that offers dental implants in Aventura

Finding a cosmetic dentist in Aventura that offers dental implants shouldn’t be just about who pops up on Google first. Looking for a dentist that takes the time to devise a treatment plan and thoroughly address all of the underlying dental issues that could be causing the need for the dental implant is important. An office like Kane Dental has cosmetic dentists in Aventura that care about finding a long term solution for their patients. For those seeking a skilled and trustworthy cosmetic dentist in Aventura, the staff at Kane Dental is the best option.


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