Getting Dental Implants at a Cosmetic Dentist in Aventura

Tooth loss is a common reason people visit a cosmetic dentist in Aventura. The reasons for tooth loss vary from dental disease, severe tooth decay, or an unexpected trauma but the treatment is the same. Advancements in how cosmetic dentists in Aventura handle tooth loss have helped increase the options patients have when a tooth is missing. Progress in the world of cosmetic dentistry means that more advanced alternatives than previous treatments, like bridges and dentures, now exist.

Regarded as one of the most effective treatments when a tooth is lost, dental implants are one of the procedures highly recommended by cosmetic dentists in Aventura. Dental implants are not always used just because a patient doesn’t like looking at their mouth without a missing tooth. They also serve to permanently replace damaged tooth roots. This type of treatment is proving to be a better answer for missing and cracked teeth according to well trained cosmetic dentists in Aventura.

Getting dental implants in Aventura may be intimidating for some patients. Usually patients who need dental implants are experiencing pain and may have been ignoring those symptoms for some time. Other times an accident has resulted in a lost tooth and a cosmetic dentist in Aventura will deliver devastating news about the treatment needed to replace it. Either way, getting a dental implant in Aventura could be overwhelming without knowing what to expect. The rest of this article covers the details about dental implants and what to expect when going to a cosmetic dentist in Aventura to get them put in.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants sound more complicated than they are. In short, dental implants are replacement teeth. Before dental implants in Aventura were offered to patients, there were 2 types of replacement teeth. In those days, cosmetic dentists in Aventura fitted patients with dentures or bridges. They were often uncomfortable and ill fitting. Dental implants offer a more safe and secure option.

Dental implants replace both the root of the tooth and the tooth itself. While the tooth root is replaced with titanium, the tooth itself is designed to look like and blend in with the teeth already inside the patients mouth. Getting dental implants in Aventura could be a lengthy process, as the surgery is often not performed all at once. Patients can expect several appointments dedicated to preparation for the surgery itself. The procedure is usually performed in multiple stages by a cosmetic dentist in Aventura, like those at Kane Dental.


Benefits of getting dental implants at a cosmetic dentist in Aventura

Several benefits of getting dental implants at a cosmetic dentist in Aventura exist. Many of them include increased opportunity for the patient experiencing the dental problem. It’s important to note that each patient is different and may have differing benefits from getting dental implants put in by a cosmetic dentist in Aventura.


Improved Oral Health

Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Aventura for dental implants will improve the oral health of a patient. Other procedures, like bridges, can damage the integrity of other teeth. Decreased inflammation, pain and sensitivity can also make it easier to keep up with oral hygiene that may have been avoided.


Improved Self Esteem

Having a gaping hole in their mouth can tank anyone’s self-esteem. Dental implants, unlike dentures are permanent and therefore act like real teeth. More importantly, they also look like real teeth and don’t have to be removed or risk slipping out. Patients have reported an improved self-esteem after a cosmetic dentist in Aventura put in dental implants.


Easier to eat

When a tooth is decaying or missing, eating food can be difficult. Not just the chewing part, but temperature and texture of food can also be difficult when a dental implant is needed. After a cosmetic dentist in Aventura completes a dental implant procedure, eating does become easier.


Less discomfort and pain

Dental problems hurt. They bring with them lots of pain and discomfort. Often that pain doesn’t diminish with treatments like dentures and bridges. When dental implants are recommended by a cosmetic dentist in Aventura, less pain is on the horizon.



Cosmetic dentists in Aventura recommend dental implants because of their durability. The way the implant replaces the tooth root and the tooth, means that the implant becomes a permanent part of the patient’s mouth. This results in a durable tooth without sacrificing other parts of the teeth and gums.



What to expect when a dentist in Aventura is scheduled to put in dental implants

It can be expected that a cosmetic dentist in Aventura will break up the dental implant procedure into multiple stages. How many stages will be needed to complete the process is dependent on several different factors. The medical history of the patient, the number of teeth involved and the amount of preparation work that is needed are just a few of the most obvious factors.

Prior to the procedure the cosmetic dentist in Aventura may prescribe antibiotics and special mouthwash. On the day of the procedure they will use an anesthetic to put the patient to sleep. Sometimes bone grafting is needed to get the jaw bone sturdy enough for the surgery. If that is the case, the cosmetic dentist in Aventura may need to schedule more than a few appointments to check the progress.

During the procedure, the gums are cut open and holes are drilled into the jaw. Screw posts are then placed deeply into the bone. After the procedure, the replacement tooth will be fixated onto the post. This typically takes place after some healing as occurred.


Finding a cosmetic dentist that offers dental implants in Aventura

Finding a cosmetic dentist in Aventura that offers dental implants shouldn’t be just about who pops up on Google first. Looking for a dentist that takes the time to devise a treatment plan and thoroughly address all of the underlying dental issues that could be causing the need for the dental implant is important. An office like Kane Dental has cosmetic dentists in Aventura that care about finding a long term solution for their patients. For those seeking a skilled and trustworthy cosmetic dentist in Aventura, the staff at Kane Dental is the best option.


4 Emergency Dental Services Provided by Local Aventura Weekend Dentist

Emergency dental services in Aventura are often needed for a variety of reasons. After a tooth is knocked out or chipped, it isn’t advised to wait to see if a weekend dentist is needed. Dental emergencies can be life threatening if not taken seriously. To properly evaluate their need for an emergency weekend dentist, patients with dental discomfort should carefully consider their pain level, their dental history and the overall condition of their mouth before making a decision to not see an emergency dentist.

When dealing with a potential dental emergency, it’s important to note that if there is any question about whether or not visiting a weekend dentist would be beneficial, it’s likely a good idea to see one anyway. Some types of discomfort and dental pain can wait until morning, but some emergency dental issues need to be handled more quickly to prevent long term impacts or permanent damage. A patient’s pain and comfort level with visiting a weekend dentist can and will vary, so judging when to see an emergency dentist is a very personal choice.


Needing a weekend dentist isn’t always prevented by good dental hygiene

Often people who are experiencing dental pain or signs they may need a weekend dentist think that because they have otherwise good oral health that they can wait. While this is sometimes the case, it is much wiser to assume that a dental emergency isn’t lessened because of previously good dental hygiene. Even patients that brush and floss regularly can experience a dental emergency. Symptoms that indicate one may need emergency dental services are also often overlooked. Pain, sensitivity and bleeding gums can indicate that a dental emergency is coming or has already occurred.

Those who follow the guidelines for proper oral health may overlook these symptoms because they know they are keeping up with good dental hygiene. However, good dental hygiene doesn’t reverse all damage nor does it prevent an accident that could loosen or damage a tooth. Healthy teeth that experience trauma need to be attended to just as quickly as a less healthy tooth that endured the same trauma. A chipped healthy tooth needs an emergency dental repair just as quickly as a tooth in a mouth with gum disease.


How to tell if it’s a dental emergency

Not all dental emergencies are as obvious as a knocked out tooth. Some are more hard to differentiate from pain that can wait a few days. While things like bleeding gums and minor toothaches often can wait, it isn’t advised to assume they can wait for a few days or a week. There is no way to tell for sure if a dental emergency is occurring without visiting a dentist, but there is a set of guidelines that patients can use to determine how emergent their dental issue is before seeking a weekend dentist.

Observing the mouth and teeth for signs of infection and injury is the best way to determine whether or not someone needs a weekend dentist to help them with their dental emergency. Swelling, extreme pain and bleeding that doesn’t stop are signs that a patient may have a dental emergency. Additional signs of a dental emergency that should be fixed sooner rather than later are loose or wiggly teeth and pain in the jaw. Remember that pain tolerance is personal and try not to diminish the pain the tooth is actually causing. Many patients wait too long to see a weekend dentist because they believe the pain isn’t bad enough to be considered a dental emergency. A good rule of thumb is to use the pain scale. If your dental pain is a 3 or greater and persists, it could be a good idea to head to the closest emergency dentist.


4 Dental Emergency Services offered by Aventura weekend dentist

If a dental emergency is occurring, it’s vital to find an emergency dentist to address the issue. A painful infection can enter the jaw and facial bones faster than one may think. Looking for an Aventura weekend dentist to repair cracked teeth, fix veneers and handle other dental emergencies can help protect a patient’s smile even after a dental emergency. Kane Dental is proud to offer the following emergency dental services to residents with the help of Aventura weekend dentist, Alex Gruenberg.


Cracked tooth repair

Repairing a cracked tooth is one dental emergency that often cannot wait for regular business hours. Cracked teeth can be repaired by several different methods. The best suited one depends on the type and location of the crack. Due to the severity of a cracked tooth, the Aventura emergency dentists at Kane Dental offer urgent repair for cracked, chipped and broken teeth.


Emergency Veneer Repair

When a veneer repair is needed, finding an emergency dentist equipped to handle it can be difficult. Veneer repairs aren’t always considered an emergency by area dentists but they can be hazardous. Whether the sharp edge of the broken veneer is cutting the inside of a patient’s mouth or they are just embarrassed about how it looks, the Aventura weekend dentist is prepared to address emergency veneer repair and placement.


Dental Implants for Missing or Knocked Out Teeth

Emergency dentists at Kane Dental are accustomed to dental implants. When a tooth is severely damaged or lost entirely, dental implants can be a good option. After a tooth is knocked out or needs to be extracted, an emergency dentist may choose to place a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. On call dentists in Aventura can place a dental implant to fix a dental emergency in their office, even on a Saturday.


Bonding and Filling

Emergency fillings aren’t as common as other repairs but they do happen. Missed signs of infection and intense pain are among the reasons that an emergency filling could be needed. Emergency dental services that include the option for bonding and filling could be a good sign that the weekend dentist on duty has an effective plan to treat the urgent needs of a patient.


Dental emergencies happen when least expected and can’t be treated at the emergency room. Finding an emergency dentist that offers a variety of repairs is the best way for patients to ensure that their oral health is preserved. Extractions and loss of tooth integrity can be prevented with the right care from an emergency dentist like those at Kane Dental in Aventura.

How do Emergency Dentists Repair Cracked Teeth?

Not every cracked tooth warrants a trip to the emergency dentist. If signs and symptoms are addressed early on, a trip to the weekend dentist can be avoided. However, many cracked teeth don’t produce any of the symptoms on the list below. For this reason, it’s common that an emergency dentist to repair cracked teeth is necessary when the symptoms begin to appear.

It can be tricky, even for the most experienced emergency dentist to identify cracked teeth. Self-diagnosing that a cracked tooth doesn’t need emergency repair could cause further damage to the tooth, , pulp, nerve and gums. Emergency dentists that repair cracked teeth will often do several different diagnostic tests to determine the location and severity of the crack before deciding what method they will use to repair the damaged teeth.


Do only emergency dentists repair cracked teeth?

Emergency dentists aren’t the only dentists that repair cracked teeth. Family dentists sometimes offer emergency dental services to patients after normal business hours. Among the services typically offered by a weekend dentist, is repairing cracked teeth. Since cracked teeth are one of the most common reasons for the loss of a tooth in more modernized parts of the world, some dentists have chosen to be more proactive with treating cracked teeth. Typically those family dentist offices are more equipped for repairing cracked teeth.

Even though those offices have dentists and the tools to repair cracked teeth, it may not be advised to wait until they are available to fix the dental problem. Some damaged teeth need more immediate attention, the kind an emergency dentist can handle. When an emergency dentist repairs cracked teeth, it provides relief from symptoms and a long term solution. Often dentists can’t provide the full long term solution in their office so they offer a more short term option that needs to be fixed again by a specialty dentist. Ideally, someone with a cracked tooth would be able to find a weekend dentist that has the equipment needed for an emergency repair.


Signs a cracked tooth needs an emergency dentist

Cracked teeth don’t always show symptoms right away. Covert as the symptoms may be initially, they often turn into debilitating pain. Catching the signs and symptoms early can help prevent a trip to the emergency dentist. Signs that a cracked tooth needs an emergency dentist are more than just severe pain, there are more commonly ignored signs that may indicate a tooth has been cracked.


Pain when chewing or clenching

Even though this is not exclusively a symptom of cracked teeth, pain when chewing is a big sign that there could be a problem with the inside of the mouth. When the pain is associated with a cracked tooth, it’s often more intense when releasing the clench after biting down. Pain that prevents chewing on or near the impacted area likely indicates a trip to the emergency dentist is needed.


Pain that comes and goes

This symptom is commonly overlooked by patients. It’s assumed that if the pain doesn’t persist it must have been something small, circumstantial or has already resolved itself. With cracked teeth, the pain comes and goes. If pain in a tooth or area of the mouth happens but not constantly, it could be a sign to seek out an emergency dentist.


Swelling of the gums

Typically swelling of the gums associated with a cracked tooth is more localized swelling. If the gums around a specific tooth start to swell and feel irritated, it could mean a tooth has been damaged. If left untreated, this symptom could lead to serious infections and tooth loss. It’s a good idea to see an emergency dentist in the event of any gum swelling.


Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity sometimes indicates a dental emergency. Sensitivity to temperate, whether hot or cold, is a good sign something is wrong with a tooth. In addition to temperature, sensitivity to sweet tastes and sugary foods or drinks can also be a sign of a cracked tooth. If the sensitivity prevents chewing with a specific part of the mouth, it may be time to see an emergency dentist.



What to expect when seeing an emergency dentist to repair cracked teeth

An evaluation from an emergency dentist for cracked teeth will likely include several different types of tests. Since normal diagnostic testing like x-rays are unlikely to reveal a cracked tooth, other measures must be taken to accurately determine the type and severity of the crack in the tooth. It is wise to expect that an emergency dentist will conduct x-rays and other hands on testing. They may feel around with a dental explorer to attempt to find a crack. They may also ask the patient to bite down, testing pressure and pain level. It is also common for the dentist to check the gums for swelling and inflammation. One or all of these tests may be needed to accurately diagnose a cracked tooth. Accurate diagnosis of the problem and the type of damage is needed before the emergency dentist can repair the cracked teeth.


How do emergency dentists repair cracked teeth?

Emergency dentists repair cracked teeth using a variety of methods. Most common are the least invasive options, like bonding. Some cracks may require a more invasive procedure. In the most severely damaged teeth, extraction may be the best option.


Repairing cracked teeth with a crown

This repair is more invasive than bonding. An emergency dentist will typically fit a crown and then place is after it’s made. This process involves removing some enamel and making an imprint of the tooth to have turned into a crown. Once the crown is made, it will slip over the cracked tooth like a cap.


Bonding cracked teeth

Less invasive but still effective, bonding is another way an emergency dentist repairs cracked teeth. Bonding refers to filling the crack in the tooth with a resin.


Root Canal

If the crack is in the pulp of the tooth, a root canal will likely be offered by the emergency dentist. This is a more invasive procedure that involves cleaning out the pulp and filling the root permanently. This process also involves having a crown placed to protect the tooth after the root is filled.


Extraction of tooth

Removal of the tooth may be recommended by an emergency dentist if the tooth’s integrity is too compromised. Some dentists may also be able to assist patients with replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

Any sign or symptom of a dental emergency can be serious. If there is any question about whether or not what someone is experiencing is a dental emergency, it’s advised to seek out an emergency dentist. After evaluation, a referral to the appropriate professional is better than a permanently damaged tooth.


Kane Dental Extends Hours to Provide Aventura with an Emergency Dentist

Kane Dental Extends Hours to Provide Aventura with an Emergency Dentist

Locally owned family dentistry practice, Kane Dental, has provided the Aventura community with quality and comprehensive dental care for over 55 years. Recently joining their practice, Dr. Gruenberg is now available to provide services as an emergency dentist.


Kane Dental aims to provide top quality dental services in Aventura.

Over the past five decades the Kane family has been providing for the dental needs of Aventura residents. Originally opened by the father of the Kane brothers, this family practice takes pride in their history of comprehensive dental plans. After many years of aiding the community on a traditional schedule, the team at Kane Dental decided it was time to provide an extended service to the community.

Joining their team to help them service more Aventura residents is Dr. Gruenberg. With the addition of a new and innovative young dentist, the Kane brothers chose to also add additional services to their practice. Now offering veneers and repairsafter hours, their services as an emergency dentist promise to help the community. Currently the options for emergency dentistry are both costly and not always accessible. Driving to visit an emergency dentist isn’t always an option. With the new changes to their practice, an emergency dentist in Aventura is now available on Saturdays and after hours.


Kane Dental offers an Emergency Dentist with After Hours Appointments in Aventura.

Those living in Aventura now have an emergency dentist close by when a tooth gets damaged and needs repair. Some dental emergencies do require immediate attention. Kane Dental is dedicated to being available to their patients to help them with their dental emergencies. Opening on Saturdays and after business hours, the team at Kane Dental have chosen to be the top emergency dentist in Aventura. Cracked, chipped and lost teeth are among the emergencies that their team is trained to handle.

Using the newest in innovative technology to produce generations of smiles, the family owned business has always provided top quality dental services. Comprehensive preventative plans and emergency dentist services are provided all from one locally owned dentistry practice. In Aventura, Kane Dental provides the best in dental services including after hours and weekend appointments for dental emergencies.


After hours and weekend dentist in Aventura offers repairs for dental emergencies

Emergencies happen when they are least expected. In Aventura, when a dental emergency occurs the community can call the office of Kane Dental. At their office they can expect to see a qualified emergency dentist that can help them solve their dental problems quickly. With the comprehensive oral health plans they offer, patients can receive care from an emergency dentist and a preventative plan to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Emergency dentist services are not the only services provided by Kane Dental. They also offer oral health screenings, dental exams and plans, as well as aesthetic dental procedures. For more information and a complete list of services, visit them online or call for an appointment with Aventura’s best family and emergency dentists.


Emergency Dentist in Aventura Opens on Saturdays for Patient Convenience

Dr. Alex Gruenberg of Kane Dental is an emergency dentist in Aventura that uses the most advanced treatment options to repair damaged teeth and gums. Aventura area residents stand to benefit from the flexible schedule of the emergency dentist in their neighborhood.


Aventura Emergency Dentists are Available Outside of Normal Business Hours

Dr. Alex Gruenberg knows that emergency tooth repairs don’t always happen during business hours. His practice is patient centered and part of that extends to his availability. He believes that patients who need an emergency dentist should be able to be seen when their emergency occurs. Some emergencies can worsen over a few days while waiting for a dental office open. In Aventura, Kane Dental provides the same services an emergency dentist would offer so patients don’t have to wait.

Cracked or damaged teeth have unpleasant symptoms that may impact a person’s ability to eat and sometimes sleep. Repairing damaged teeth can help ensure that more long term impacts are avoided. For those experiencing symptoms from a cracked or damaged tooth, a trip to an emergency dentist may be worth it. Veneers and other commons repairs for cracked teeth are available outside business hours at Kane Dental, Aventura’s emergency dentist.


Emergency Dentists in Aventura can repair cracked teeth immediately.

A good emergency dentist can protect a tooth from further damage immediately. While not all repairs can be completed in one appointment with an emergency dentist, typically the immediate need or source of pain can be somewhat alleviated. Dr. Gruenberg believes that after one visit the patient should feel better about their smile. This is just one of the reasons that he’s made himself available as an emergency dentist in Aventura.

At Kane Dental, the staff are proud of the way they treat their patients. Dr. Gruenberg and his team focus on treating more than just the mouth of their patient. He believes that the key to being a good dentist is listening to his patients and treating them like people. According to the experience he has, Dr. Gruenberg understands that good dentistry is about treating more than just the teeth in his patient’s mouth.


Dr. Gruenberg uses state of the art technology in his comprehensive dental practice.

More than an emergency dentist in Aventura, Dr. Gruenberg also helps patients achieve the smile they want with a more preventative approach. Using advanced technology to develop his practice, he proudly offers laser treatments, invisible alignment options and top quality porcelain veneers. Dr. Gruenberg is dedicated to providing high quality dentistry options of all types for Aventura residents.

His work in the community led him to the awareness that there wasn’t a quality emergency dentist in Aventura. Sensing a need for the community he promised to serve, Gruenberg chose to open up the options for repairing damaged teeth on an emergency basis and outside normal business hours. To learn more about seeing the emergency dentist at Kane Dental and Dr. Gruenberg, visit them online or call their Aventura office at 305-466-1444.